Kenneth Trigueiro, CEO & President of People’s Self-Help Housing, Joins St. Vincent’s Board of Directors

Santa Barbara, CA | Noozhawk | March 1st, 2023

St. Vincent’s is excited to welcome a new member of our Board of Directors, Kenneth Trigueiro, CEO & President of People’s Self-Help Housing the longest-serving nonprofit housing organization on California’s Central Coast! We invited Mr. Trigueiro to share his perspectives on how St. Vincent’s programs can continue playing a crucial role in addressing the issues of homelessness, abuse, childcare, and basic needs in the Santa Barbara community in the years to come. We were also pleased to briefly talk about Mr. Trigueiro’s life outside of work.   

1. What appealed to you to join St. Vincent’s Board of Directors? 

Over the past several years I have seen the work of St. Vincent’s positively affect many of the most vulnerable among us in the community.  I have come to understand that the St. Vincent’s leadership’s commitment to mission, along with dedicated and professional staff members throughout the organization, are the ingredients for having accomplished so much good.  The opportunity to be a part of a healthy, growing and impactful group makes it a very appealing opportunity to join the Board. 

2. What do you consider the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations like St. Vincent’s in Santa Barbara in the foreseeable future? 

 Working in Santa Barbara where there is such a deep gap in resources needed by those not able to earn enough to live, has become a crisis level challenge that requires meaningful solutions.   Nonprofits like St. Vincent’s are tasked with assessing those needs, identifying resources, and leveraging them to bridge those seemingly insurmountable gaps on a daily basis.  The work is somewhat akin to feeding thousands with only a few loaves and fish, each day.  And to continue more mission work of caring and strengthening those most in need, nonprofits must operate in a sustainable way with an eye on long term viability as an organization, which is no easy task on which to keep equally focused. 

3. What vision and values will guide your tenure as St. Vincent’s board member? 

St. Vincent’s is on a growth track to do much more good for our community.  It’s an exciting time to join the Board. I hope to share any experiences that may be of use to the organization to support and promote the plans and vision of St. Vincent’s.  Among St. Vincent’s values, advocacy, respect, and simplicity resonate the most with my own.  I believe that showing solidarity with those who we serve can promote positive changes across disparities and inequities. I trust my tenure alongside St. Vincent’s board members will be marked by showing and acting with highest regard and dignity for those we serve, maintaining a commitment to honest guidance and upholding integrity for the organization. 

4. Outside of work and professional commitments, what is your favorite pastime? 

A few generations back, when my relatives first emigrated to the United States, some were shepherds.   I grew up raising livestock and now our family still has a dozen sheep.  They provide a connection to my past, and a peaceful way to pass some time, taking care of them and reflecting on how they interact with each other.  And you can learn some simple life lessons, perspective and gain some insights from observing a flock of sheep.